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Rohm and Haas Company is a manufacturer of speciality chemicals for end use markets such as building and construction, electronic devices, packaging, household and personal care products. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the company is organised into three business groups of Specialty Materials, Performance Materials and Electronic Materials, and also has two stand-alone businesses of Powder Coating


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Development Chemist (Former Employee) says

"Long hours treated like cattle. No job security. You were expected to turn up for work at the drop of a hatNoneLong hours poor money"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"Worst engineering group ever. Most were under qualified. They have a Corp group of contractors that gets the easy work . Then they hire other contractors to do the harder."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Typical day: design and troubleshooting. Learning: worker involvement. Management: arrogant. Safety culture good. Hard part: scope of work. Paid well:worker involvement, benefitsage discrimination"

Chemical Processor (Former Employee) says

"not a bad job to many hours 12 hrs aday management not so good hardest part of the job long days for what I did salary wasn't enoughpeoplehours"

Production Operator (Former Employee) says

"Work was hard and physical, yet fun for me. My trainer was a very good worker, and made sure I became so as well. Once given to an assigned group. Many were reluctant to show me the ropes.. I remained persistent all the same and won few people over for the most part. Management claimed open door , but I never found it that way. I learned a lot about industrial and chemical safety. The hardest part of the job was adjusting from alternating days from one week to nights the next. These were 12 hour days 4 days on 4 days off The most enjoyable part was all of the hands on waste water treatment and how safely perform chemical handling.constant learning . some of the peoplenot being able to schedule vacations, take what you can get."

Scientist (Former Employee) says

"No is DOW Chemical. Very old school environment and no flexibility."

R&D Specialist (Former Employee) says

"use various techniques in analysis of embedded circuit boards.pleasant place to workr & d and shut down"

Scientist (Former Employee) says

"They are no longer in business and had zero flexibility. They had good people and DOW Chemical bought them and took them over. Good atmosphere, good training"

B class chemical operator (Former Employee) says

"good company. long hours, rotating shifts. good management with lots of training for the workers. safe workplace with history of few accidents. staff very freindlygood wadgeslong hours not much time off"

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"Glad I’m no longer employed by them. The company teaches one thing and then expects another. If you are not perfect you become and outcast and work life becomes stressful"

Web Editor (Former Employee) says

"I was a consultant for a year so I don't have much to say. I worked in an admin department which was pretty quiet but very strict on time as far as getting there and leaving.coworkersstrict on time"

Account Manager/Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Undervalued, underappreciated. Some of management were great, but its a very large company."


"L'attività lavorativa era molto dinamica e caratterizzata da una grande richiesta di lavoro sia in laboratorio che in produzione. La soddisfazione del cliente aveva un ruolo determinante per la qualità dei prodotti e per l'atmosfera lavorativa. Poca attenzione, però, all'inquadramento contrattuale corretto di ciascun dipendente e scarse possibilità di crescita professionale per i ruoli minori. Complessivamente una buona azienda"

Batch Operator (Former Employee) says

"Fast paced environment, worked the night shift with six day weeks. Business was located close to home, got along well with co-workers.benefitswages"

Logistic Technician (Former Employee) says

"Coworkers were great people. Spent many years there even after 4-5 name changes and 3 location changes for me. Didn't mind drive to work . Management changed every 3-5 years and had to retrain them to my skills."

Plant Protection, Admin. Assist. & A/P Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Plant Protection Officier, was a swing shift position, watching over the plant, dealing with truck drivers and making announcement over the plectron system (dispatching EMS & Fire Dept, to bad weather). Downsized, offered severence package. Admin. Assist. for Health Services, days working with nurses/doctors, keeping OSHA records, scheduling physicians, directing people coming in for different allergy/flu shots. Accts Payable Clerk, entering invoices on AS400 system, relieving on the switchboard, filing and was downsized from this position. Learning to do different jobs, work for different managers and getting to meet all the employees was a real opportunity for me. Hardest part was leaving the Company. I enjoyed working and getting to know different people, we worked as a team and everyone got along.good working environment, money and benefits.the job didn't last long enough. i thought i'd be in a/p for a long time."